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Djinni Guide
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Djinni Guide

This djinni guide took a while to create.WHEW!!!.

Venus Djinni
Echo - Attack with double strike.
Iron - Boister the party's Defense.
Mold - Strike a foe.
Crystal - Restore HP to all allies.
Steel - Siphon a foe's HP with a kiss.
Mud - Slow a foe with sticky mud.
Flower - Refresh allies and restore HP.
Meld - Launch a powerful team strike.
Petra - Turn a foe to stone.
Salt - Restore allies' status to normal.
Geode - Strike with a clod of earth.

Mars Djinni

Cannon - Strike with the power of Mars.
Spark - Revive an ally with support.
Fury - Call wandering souls to attack.
Fugue - Drop enemies' PP with fatigue.
Kindle - Increase all allies' Attack.
Char - Paralyze foes with a strong blow.
Coal - Boosts everyone's Agility.
Reflux - Counter an enemy's attack.
Core - Strike through an enemy's defense.
Tinder - Revive a downed ally.

Jupiter Djinni
Breath - Restore HP quickly.
Blitz - Numb a foe with a lightning strike.


Lull - Negotiate a temporary cease-fire.
Gale - Blast enemies with wind strike.
Ether - Focus will to restore PP.
Waft - Calm a foe with soothing scents.
Haze - Hide away to avoid damage.
Wheeze - Poison a foe as you strike.
Aroma - Restore everyone's PP.
Whorl - Take a deep breath and strike.
Gasp - Call the grim reaper on your foes.

Mercury Djinni
Fog - Blind an enemy with fog.
Sour - Reduce foe's elemental resistace.
Balm - Restore HP with calming water.
Serac - Absolute zero kill attack.
Spring - Restore HP with healing herbs.
Cascade - Create a watery shield.
Chill - Reduce foe's Defense with strike.
Steam - Increase allies' elemental strength.
Rime - Seal a foe's Psynergy.
Gel - Weaken foe's Attack.
Eddy - Speed up Djinn recovery time.

Golden Sun

Venus Djinni
Flint - Strike a blow that can cleave stone.
- Found outside of Vale when you first get into the world map.. you can't avoid getting him.
HP+13 - PP+5 - Attack+4
Granite - Create a mighty earthen barrier.
- Found in Kolima right outside of a building inside a fenced area. To get to him go behind the house and press the down button on the D-pad, You will go through a small cave and wind up next to him. nifty.
HP+15 - Defense+3 - Agility+2 - Luck+1
Quartz - Revive a downed ally.
- Found inside Mogall Forest. Solve a long-rolling puzzle to get to him.
HP+17 - PP+4 - Agility+3
Vine - Tangle foes to drop Agility.
- Found on a small island at the end of the Lamarkan desert. Walk around for a while and wait for the random battle to come up.
HP+20 - PP+5 - Defense+4 - Luck+1
Sap - Attack a foe and steal HP.
- Found at the end of the Vault Cave. Note - Ring the bell at the top of the tower firstor else he won't be on the hill when you get through the cave.
HP+17 - Attack+4 - Luck+1
Ground - Use gravity to hold a foe.
- Found at the Kalay Docks, but cannot be reached at first. After you get to Tolbi, you can go up back behind Atmiller cave and keep going until you reach Kalay docks.
HP+15 - PP+4 - Agility+4
Bane - Attack with nature's venom.
- Found on Crossbone Isle in the 6th floor. To capture him you will have to use your "Halt" Psyenergy.
HP+20 - Attack+5

Mars Djinni

Forge - Boost party Attack with flame's fury.
- Forge is found on a ledge inside Goma Cave. Move the stump until it sinks a bit. Then go back the other way and fight Forge for it's power.
HP+17 - Attack+2 - Agility+2 - Luck+2
Fever - Wrap a foe in feverish delusion.
- Found inside the cave in Imil. You have to move the snowman on the ice and then slide around to get to it.
HP+16 - Attack+4 - Agility+2
Corona - Boost party Defense with a heat aura.
- Found on an island above Xian.
HP+20 - PP+3 - Defense+4 - Luck+1
Scorch - Stun a foe with a blast attack.
- Found inside the cave in Kalay.
HP+14 - Attack+4
Ember - Restore party PP with passion's flame.
- Found in Tolbi. You will have to use growth on the vine and Frost on the puddle to get up to this Djinni.
HP+15 - PP+4 - Defense+2 - Agility+2
Flash - Block damage to party with a fireball.
- Found inside Suhalla desert when you come right before the boss tornado chases you, instead of going down use Reveal by a ledge. You'll see footprints. Follow them and you'll find the Djinni (oh wow) so ya can use it in battle.
HP+24 - PP+3 - Defense+2
Torch - Penetrate defense with a melting blast.
- Found on top of the weaponry in Lalivero.
HP+15 - Attack+4 - Luck+1

Jupiter Djinni
Gust - Attack with might wind gusts.
- Found in Bilbin. Use your Whirlwind Psyenergy to find him.
HP+12 - Attack+2 - Agility+3
Breeze - Boost party Resistance.
- Found in the upper brances on the Tret Tree.
HP+16 - PP+8 - Defense+2 - Luck+1
Zephyr - Boost party Agility with swift wind.
- Found in the Fushin Temple's waterfall trail.
HP+15 - PP+5 - Agility+3 - Luck+1
Smog - Veil a foe's vision in smoke.
- Found in Lamakan Desert in a circle of stones.
HP+12 - Attack+3
Kite - Attack twice next round.
- Found in Vale Cave.
HP+11 - PP+6 - Agility+5
Squall - Paralyze a foe with a storm.
- Found in Atmiller Cave. Solve a cement log puzzle to find him.
HP+13 - Attack+5
Luff - Seal a foe's Psyenergy.
- Found in Babi Lighthouse. Slide down a certian crevace on the 4th floor to get to him.
HP+15 - PP+8 - Defense+2 - Luck+1

Mercury Djinni

Fizz - Restore HP with calming water.
- Mia has this Djinni when she joins your party.
HP+12 - PP+7 - Defense+4
Sleet - Drench a foe to drop its Attack.
- Found in the middle of the seven waterfalls in Mercury Lighthouse
HP+17 - Attack+4 - Luck+1
Mist - Lull a foe into deep sleep.
- Found in Xian. Wait for the girl carrying water to be direcrly one step away from the house she's carrying water to. Talk to her and she'll spill her water, use Frost on the puddle and you know what to do.
HP+15 - Attack+5
Spritz - Restore party HP with soothing mist.
- Found in Atlin Peak. Solve a mine cart puzzle to get to him.
HP+11 - PP+7 - Agility+4
Hail - Freeze a foe to drop its Defense.
- Found northwest of Tolbi on a small island in a random battle.
HP+12 - Attack+5 - Luck+1
Tonic - Heal all party ailments.
- Is reached upon eliminating toadonpa, or around that time.HP+11 - PP+5 - Defense+3 - Luck+2
Dew - Revive a downed ally
- Found in the middle slide/dent in the mountan in Suhalla Gate. This will lead you to the Djinni.HP+18 - PP+7 - Agility+5