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Hello everyone who is at this site.This site is all about Golden Sun and a little bit about cheats.I'll put you some games to download soon.And I hope you like the Golden Sun Music I added.Cool isn't it.If you would like to help me to build my site,feel free and I'll add your name to it.Thanks anyway.Enjoy!!!!!




Hey everyone I really need somebody who is trustworthy and has responsibility to help me build my site.I need someone who is very good at building sites.PLEASE e-mail me if you want to help at

I am so sorry I havent been updating my golden sun site.I have been so dumb and very busy with boring homework.Whoever put gamesharks onto my site plz email me.
Thanks everyone for visiting my site and my team mate Issac and the others luv u :D

Hey check out the new link that I just builded:


Well why don't you add this link to your affilates section and remove the old one.

Final Fantasy Chronicles in action rulz man.Very very good graphics and it might be the same as Golden Sun The Lost Age or just by a inch better.So advise you to get this game.

Thats it.Done and Done.We need no more members anymore.Sorry but its too late.But if you are really good at building sites email da boss

Maybe later on I will be putting interviews only if I get members just like the Golden Sun Realm cause they have got very funny interviews.

Click here to vote on about is there GS 3 already created

I think that GS 3 isn't created anywhere in this world yet.But I think it might be.When you finished the game you will see heaps of cool screenshots and credits.After that you can't play your game that you finished.IT IS A SAVED CLEAR SLOT.I don't know why but you can still link and battle with your friends anytime.But you can't train.You can learn strategies.Anyways here is a picture a the gameboy Advance link cable.You should buy it so you can battle with your friends.

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This site is created really! by and my best pal issac.
Thanks for voting on polls everyone and keep visiting this site.THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!